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I’m in Twickenham. Can you deliver concrete here?

Yes, Feely Grab Hire Ltd are one of the leading concrete suppliers for the Twickenham area. In fact, we can deliver anywhere in London and throughout the South East. We already have a huge commercial and industrial client base that uses our company for deliveries of ready mix concrete and this is growing all the time.

How do I know how much I’ll need to order?


This doesn’t really matter because we make every delivery to Twickenham using a volumetric concrete lorry. This type of vehicle has separate storage compartments where the components needed to make concrete are held. Because we don’t mix concrete until we arrive on site, you won’t need to make an advance order in terms of volume.

What happens when you arrive on-site?


Just direct our concrete lorry where you’d like your ready mix concrete to be poured and we’ll begin mixing and pouring. Unlike pre-mixed concrete, ready mix concrete is freshly made and poured so it is always of a high quality and ready to be worked by your labourers. We can pour to any volume at any location in Twickenham.

I need different grades of concrete. Will I need two deliveries?


No. The compartments on our vehicles hold different grades of concrete. If you need to switch grades, we can stop pouring and with a flick of a switch, our driver can begin to mix and pour an entirely different grade of ready mix concrete. Unlike concrete suppliers in Twickenham who charge for sending out two vehicles, we only send out the one.

What other advantages are there to ready mix concrete?


Most importantly, there is absolutely no wastage with one of our concrete deliveries. We pour the exact amount of ready mix concrete you need and not a drop more. This is all you’ll ever be charged for. This means there are no wastage costs and no return fees. Our concrete helps make projects in Twickenham both simple and profitable.

How do I place an order?


Call our concrete suppliers and we’ll arrange for your ready mix concrete to be delivered at a time suitable to your project. We can arrive in Twickenham at the agreed time, night or day. Our prices are competitive, our drivers are fully trained in using a concrete lorry and we provide as much help needed on-site to make the entire delivery process a breeze.

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