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Ready Mix Concrete Suppliers in Croydon

Feely Grab Hire Ltd cover the whole of the South East of England. Croydon has a large number of ongoing construction sites which have deliveries of ready mix concrete arriving on a daily basis. Ready mix concrete is a type of concrete that is manufactured in a batching plant or factory to a set formula.

We take stock of different concrete grades and deliver to sites in Croydon using a volumetric concrete lorry. This means that a precise and workable product arrives fresh and ready to mix. The material is more workable than pre-mixed concrete and can be used with ease by construction workers.

The first ready mix concrete factory dates back as far as the 1930’s but the use of ready mix materials didn’t have widespread appeal until the 1960’s. Since then, concrete suppliers like ourselves have never looked back to using traditional pre-mixed materials.

Ready mix concrete is preferred by site managers in Croydon because it saves on wastage, estimation work and return costs. A concrete lorry is sent to site with raw materials stored in an unhardened state. Our volumetric compartmented lorry will only produce the amount of concrete needed for each specific site. We can even change grades on demand.

Advantages of Ready Mix Concrete

If you have been looking for concrete suppliers in Surrey, South East London or South West London, here are just some of the reasons why our clients choose Feely Grab Hire Ltd:


• We can deliver concrete to any site in Croydon at any time

• A better quality concrete is produced when it is freshly mixed

• There is no need to store concrete on site

• We produce absolutely no wastage and there are no return fees incurred

• Time and labour costs are avoided. Noise and dust pollution is reduced

As concrete suppliers to many construction sites in and around Croydon, we find that most customers prefer to use Feely because we deliver on time and usually under budget due to our exact volume measurements.


We are only a phone call away and will give you a free no-obligation quote for concrete deliveries at a highly competitive rate. We enable clients to receive ready mix concrete to all commercial and industrial sites in Croydon and the South East on a year-round basis.

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