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Benefits of Ready Mix Concrete for Clients in Bromley

Feely Grab Hire Ltd are trusted concrete suppliers covering Bromley, South London and Kent. We always like to stress the many advantages of ready mix concrete and how beneficial it can be for site managers and construction companies.

There’s a large reduction of material wastage with ready mix because we send out a concrete lorry with volumetric compartments that will mix and pour the exact amount of concrete you need, ensuring you receive value for money with every delivery made to the  Bromley area.

There will be absolutely no wastage because the moment you have enough material, our concrete lorry will stop pouring. You’ll never need to worry about over-ordering and there will never be any return fees to deal with either.

The quality our ready mix concrete is superior to pre-mixed concrete made using traditional water-to-cement ratios to achieve correct grading. The state-of-the-art technology on a volumetric concrete lorry means site managers in Bromley can have the exact amount of material poured in any grade – we can even stop halfway through pouring to switch grades.

Thermally Efficient Concrete


Ready mix concrete provides an exceptional R-value. Low air infiltration and superior thermal efficiency provide optimal energy performance during a building’s life. Constructions made with ready mix concrete retain heat well even when there are sharp fluctuations in temperature.

Site managers in Bromley can order from our concrete suppliers at times that are suitable to their project timescales. We have a round-the-clock operation that brings concrete to site when you want it. Our drivers will maintain contact with you just in case we encounter problems with traffic on the way but we will always aim to be with you in plenty of time.

Call us now and we’ll schedule a delivery using a volumetric concrete lorry that can mix components instantly and to the exact amount your project needs. All of your requirements can be met with a single visit anywhere in Bromley or the surrounding local area.

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